Smokefree St. Louis

The Time Is Now

Citizen led ballot efforts in St. Charles County and St. Louis County will bring life-saving smokefree workplace protections to over 1 million people!

After more than a decade of urging the county councils for action on smokefree air, area voters will finally get their chance to make their voices heard.  

The local coalition has established the Citizens for a Healthy Community working to gather signatures to qualify for the November 2018 ballot.  

Help ANR Support Smokefree Air for St. Louis County and St. Charles County, Missouri.

First the good news: Citizen led initiative petition efforts in St. Charles County and St. Louis County Missouri will bring life-saving smokefree workplace protections to over 1 million people this November!

The bad news: Casinos and tobacco industry allies are working to qualify weak competing ballot measures to confuse voters and undermine smokefree protections. Their weak counter measures would be to simply require ineffective smoking /non-smoking sections instead of 100% smokefree indoor. These tobacco industry gimmicks do not protect workers or the public from secondhand smoke exposure (Remember smoking sections on airplanes?).

Help ANR stand up to the big money special interests that are trying to block people’s right to breathe smokefree air in hospitality sector jobs in the St. Louis region. Tobacco companies recently spent nearly $8 million trying to undermine Prop E in San Francisco, and we anticipate that opponents will spend big in St. Louis trying to undermine smokefree progress in Missouri.

What You Can Do To Help


There is little doubt that smokefree opponents such as tobacco industry allies will vastly outspend public health supporters, so every penny counts.

Please support ANR’s work for the St. Louis region campaign by making a special donation. In the box labeled: "This Donation is In Honor of," please enter St. Louis.

Your donations make it possible for ANR to support the St. Louis campaign with critical resources.


Big Tobacco and its allies have deep pockets, but we have people power. Whether you live in Missouri or elsewhere in the Midwest, your volunteer time is needed and appreciated now through Election Day.

Your efforts will help make public health history and save lives.

It can also be a fun way to also connect with others interested a healthier more livable community.

More Information

The science is clear - casino ventilation systems or smoking/non-smoking sections DO NOT address the health hazards of secondhand smoke.

According to a recent poll, more than 70% of voters in the St. Louis region would vote YES on smokefree workplaces and public places.

Breathing at work shouldn’t be a deadly health hazard. Workers in the hospitality industry, in places like bars and casinos, are most at risk for exposure to secondhand smoke and more likely to suffer health consequences such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

Smokefree air is good for health and good for business. Thank you for helping us secure Smokefree air for all in STL!