The Original Guide

Clearing The Air is a step-by-step guide to passing smokefree ordinances and policies.

It provides information and tips for every stage of a smokefree campaign, including using online networking, and implementing and enforcing a new smokefree law.

Clearing The Air: A Campaign Guide


Decades of Expertise

Updated to Keep You Current

Perfect for any community interested in passing or strengthening a smokefree law or campus policy.

ANR has updated Clearing The Air to include information on emerging issues and new policy areas in tobacco control including:

  • Electronic smoking devices
  • Secondhand marijuana smoke
  • Casinos and other gambling venues
  • Multi-unit housing
  • College campuses
  • Tobacco-free pharmacies

The updated guide also includes responses to opposition arguments in these emerging policy areas. Order your copy of the 2017 Addendum and receive a copy of the original 42-page Clearing The Air guidebook, free of charge.