Smokefree Air Trainings

ANR provides a one-day training that gives health advocates the information and skills they need to launch a smokefree policy campaign or educational campaigns in their communities. This training is regularly updated to include emerging issues such as electronic smoking devices and marijuana secondhand smoke and is customized to include current or pending state and local smokefree laws. Through a series of activities, presentations, and hands-on exercises, participants learn how to build and expand a local clean indoor air coalition; educate the public, policymakers, and other community stakeholders; and counter the tobacco industry’s inevitable interference.

Our advanced two-day smokefree air training includes the Smokefree Air training, plus a second day of strategic planning and spokesperson training. This is the best value workshop for giving health advocates a variety of skills that are useful to coordinating a successful smokefree policy campaign.

Customized trainings are available upon request.

Strategic Policy Advocacy Planning Sessions

ANR facilitates day-long strategic planning sessions to help state and local coalitions identify policy priorities, develop a strategic advocacy plan and tactics, develop a constituency outreach plan to expand the base of support for the coalition’s policy goals, develop crisis and strategic communications plans, discuss provisions (dealbreakers), and determine next steps. This includes time working with stakeholders in advance of the session.

Full-Day or Half-Day Workshops

We can design a full-day or half-day workshop on a variety of topics. This is ideal for groups or organizations that want more intensive training on a few topics or have an audience of varying knowledge and engagement in the smokefree movement and need simultaneous, separate trainings. Participants will engage in hands-on activities, interactive discussions and/or exercises, as well as learning from our well-seasoned and highly experienced staff and consultants.



Webinars are ideally suited for shorter (1-2 hour) trainings on specific topics. Webinars are cost-effective alternatives to in-person trainings and can be done as single events or in a series.


Speaking Engagements

Experts with ANR are available as keynote speakers and panelists at your next event or conference.

Custom Training/Personalized Technical Assistance

ANR is available to tailor a training that best fits your needs. In addition, we offer personalized technical assistance to provide more in-depth services, including:

  • one-on-one assistance via phone or email
  • facilitated conference calls, webinars and meetings
  • consultation on draft policies, polling and survey questions, as well as advertisements
  • strategic guidance on campaign developments
  • developing talking points and message delivery
  • providing on-the-ground assistance

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