Cities and Counties Nationwide

ANR works with advocates at the local level in many U.S. communities:

  • Providing ongoing training and technical assistance to many states, including Alaska and Indiana

  • Tribal relations support to sovereign tribal nations passing smokefree policies

  • Tracking the tobacco industry at all levels of government

  • Investigating and researching marijuana industry tactics to roll back smokefree protections; training local coalitions on these tactics and appropriate responses


Atlanta, GA

Most recently, ANR led the charge to pass a comprehensive smokefree ordinance in Atlanta, Georgia, providing long-overdue protections for the city’s hospitality and entertainment workers. ANR is working with partners to pass smokefree policies in the metro Atlanta area including recently passed Dunwoody and City of South Fulton and current campaigns in Gwinnett County and Fayetteville. 

Shreveport, LA

ANR worked with its partners in Louisiana to ensure the successful implementation of Shreveport’s smokefree ordinance. Implementation of this comprehensive ordinance, which included bars and casinos, was delayed after heavy lobbying from the casino industry. Implementation was set for August 1, 2021. As this implementation date approached, under intense casino industry pressure, the Shreveport City Council was considering a bill to repeal the new law before it could take effect.  On July 13, 2021, the Council voted to keep the law.

State Level

ANR assists in state-level smokefree air campaigns.

New Jersey

The fight to close the casino loophole that treats casino workers differently than every other worker in New Jersey– and forces employees to choose between their health and a paycheck–gained steam over the summer as energized casino workers refuse to accept indoor smoking, The Governor indicated he’s likely to sign legislation making casinos permanently smokefree indoors and old industry arguments in favor of indoor smoking have fallen apart. All of this is building towards a lame duck session this November in which state legislators will be pressed to finally take action. Learn more about our effort.


ANR is leading a dynamic coalition, Musicians for a Smokefree Tennessee, with musician and entrepreneur Jamie Kent on the ground in Nashville.  The coalition is pressing state lawmakers to repeal preemption and restore the power of local cities to address secondhand smoke in music venues. For campaign updates and to get involved, follow along!


Currently, we are involved in several other states, including Alaska and Pennsylvania.


Federal Level

ANR will lobby at the federal level on various important issues

Fighting the Tobacco Industry

Cigar Industry Pushes for Rollbacks

Smokefree air is under attack!

ANR’s team of expert staff and strategists is sounding the alarm on a troubling trend. Undermining strong and popular smokefree laws with a carve-out for cigar bars is nothing new, but the tobacco industry has dusted off this tactic and ignited a coordinated effort to renormalize smoking indoors. From Montana to North Dakota, to Augusta, GA and beyond, we have organized  to thwart these rollbacks.

Learn more about the industry’s efforts and how we’re responding!

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