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Smokefree Casinos Bill Introduced

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September 2021

While smoking has resumed in the majority of Pennsylvania gaming properties, there are still industry leaders maintaining 100% smokefree indoor air policies including Mt. Airy and Parx Casino. All properties in Philadelphia are required to be temporarily smokefree in accordance with the city’s mask mandate.  The Breathe Free PA coalition and their partners are working to ensure all workers are protected from secondhand smoke.

Sign the petition to show your support for closing the gaps in smokefree protections for all Pennsylvanians!

No one in Pennsylvania is protected by a 100% smokefree workplace, restaurant, and bar law; thousands of employees, patrons, and visitors are exposed to secondhand smoke in these venues. Hospitality and casino workers in Pennsylvania should not have to choose between their jobs and their health. Read more about the people in PA that are left behind in the ANR Foundation report: Bridging the Gap-Status of Smokefree Air in the U.S.: Pennsylvania

We are thankful for Pennsylvania's Veterans and acknowledge their efforts to go smokefree!



Recognizing Big Tobacco’s targeting of LGBTQ Pennsylvanians, Bradbury-Sullivan LGBTQ Resource Center took the message of smokefree air to the best pride events in the region to let the community shout it out, "we want smoke-free air" in the places they gather and want to feel out, proud and healthy!

88.8% of PA residents who identify as LGBTQ would be likely to go to a smokefree bar.

94% would be likely to go to a smokefree pride.

Members of the LGBTQ community are important supporters of the movement to ensure all workers and patrons are protected from secondhand smoke.

View the full postcard.

View Smokefree Pride Guide.

Veterans Support Smokefree Air

Pennsylvania State Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Former State Commander Dwight R. Fuhrman said:

Pennsylvania Veterans of Foreign Wars Support Smokefree Air
"It is time for the state to end the smoking exemption for all facilities licensed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, including all private clubs. The Pennsylvania VFW wants to improve the health of all veterans, their loved ones, and employees inside our clubs. Removing this exemption for all PLCB license holders will create an even playing field so there won’t be a competitive disadvantage for those clubs that become nonsmoking operations."



10 years after implementation – the current statewide smokefree law in Pennsylvania continues to leave thousands of workers unprotected in the more than 2,200 exempted venues including areas of restaurants, bars, private clubs and casinos.

Pennsylvania has the second largest state legislature in the country and moving successful public policy is incredibly challenging. That’s why new voices for smokefree air are more important than ever.

New supporters – individuals and key statewide organizations - are joining the movement. State Veterans of Foreign Wars and State AARP have both endorsed smokefree air for all Pennsylvanians and will work closely with the coalition to advance the cause.



If you are a resident or visitor of Pennsylvania or have a connection (family, business, tourism) to the Keystone State, we need to hear from you - your voice matters! 

Please contact the Breathe Free Pennsylvania coalition for more information on how to get involved.

If Pennsylvania Goes Smokefree

We'd Save More Lives

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