Smokefree Public Housing

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

People who live in public housing are now able to breathe smokefree air at home. See our statement on the HUD rule implementation.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) adopted a rule that requires all Public Housing Authorities/Agencies (PHAs) to implement a 100% smokefree policy for their public housing properties by July 31, 2018. The rule brings smokefree air to all indoor areas of public housing, as well as within 25 feet of buildings and on attached balconies and patios.

HUD’s decision will reduce secondhand smoke exposure and address health disparities by ensuring that the 2 million Americans who live in public housing have a healthier living environment.

Did you know that more than 670 housing authorities already adopted a smokefree policy? PHAs all over the U.S. are working with residents and partners to implement their smokefree policies, and we are here to help.

HUD’s rule allows PHAs to adopt stronger policies that include e-cigarette use and additional outdoor spaces, and we encourage them to do so using our model smokefree policy language designed specifically for PHAs. Contact us to learn how we can help support PHAs as they adopt and implement smokefree policies.



who receive HUD assistance smoke, a rate 2x higher than the general population. Half of these smokers tried to quit in the last year. Smokefree housing can support residents who want to quit and connect them with cessation support.


who rent their home are exposed to secondhand smoke, as are 2 in 5 people living below the poverty level.


have higher rates of illnesses that are worsened by secondhand smoke exposure. Smokefree buildings help reduce exposure and create a healthier living environment.


because a smokefree policy reduces damage, which leads to maintenance savings and reduced turnover time. Smokefree buildings also lower the risk of fire.

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