Colorado HB 1258

New Threat to Smokefree Air

House Bill 1258 (marijuana tasting rooms bill) has passed the House and the Senate Finance Committee,  and goes to the Appropriations Committee.

Please contact your Colorado Senator and ask them to vote NO on HB 1258.

If you do not know who your legislator is, click here.

HB 1258 is a bill filed in Colorado to allow for vaping of marijuana in electronic smoking devices on site indoors.
Because Colorado’s Clean Indoor Air law does not yet address electronic smoking devices, this bill poses a very real threat to keeping indoor places free from hazards contained in e-device emissions. In several peer-reviewed research studies, tobacco and marijuana smoke have been shown to impair blood vessel function and contain significant amounts of chemicals harmful to public health. Therefore, people who choose to smoke or vape marijuana should not smoke/vape it indoors where it could harm others.  To protect public health, the smoking and vaping of marijuana should not be allowed in indoor spaces where those emissions pose a serious health hazard to workers and others in the building.

What you can do: 

Contact your legislator, make them aware of this bill if they aren’t already and ask them to oppose the bill. Regardless of how one feels about marijuana use, no one should have to breathe aerosol from marijuana e-devices at their workplace or in public places.
Call or email asking them to oppose this new bill and protect clean indoor air for everyone!