Fort Worth Ordinance in Effect!

Finally!  On March 12, 2018, the City of Fort Worth joined a long list of Texas municipalities that now protect residents, employees, and visitors from secondhand smoke exposure in workplaces and public places.

Fort Worth was the last major city in Texas without a comprehensive smokefree ordinance. The ordinance prohibits smoking, including electronic cigarettes, in all restaurants, bars, and bingo halls. 

Congrats to the broad network of partners who supported this campaign, including ANR, ACS CAN, AHA, ALA, TFK, MD Anderson, Blue Zones, the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, TCU Wellness Center, and many, many more local organizations and individuals.

Fort Worth Smokefree Ordinance Passed

Thank You, Fort Worth City Council!

In a decisive 8-1 vote on December 12, 2017, the Fort Worth City Council voted to strengthen its smokefree ordinance by removing the exemption allowing smoking in the city's bars and bingo halls. The ordinance also prohibits smoking of electronic cigarettes in smokefree indoor spaces.

Onjewel Smith, ANR's Southern States Representative was quoted by CBS: "For all of Fort Worth’s blue collar and hospitality workers who have been putting their health at risk to provide for their families, this is a good day. Everyone has the right to a safe and healthy workplace."

The amended ordinance will go into effect March 12, 2018.
Fort Worth will join Texas' other major municipalities including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso and Austin in protecting residents, visitors, and employees from secondhand smoke exposure.


Who Is Affected?

All Employees Need Protection

Fort Worth is the largest city in Texas that does not yet have an ordinance protecting citizens from the exposure to secondhand smoke in all workplaces. A smokefree ordinance will protect the health of every resident in Fort Worth by eliminating their exposure to secondhand smoke in bars and bingo parlors. Everyone will breathe easier, and this will create safer, healthier environments for everyone who lives, works, and visits our city.

Thousands of people in Fort Worth are exposed to dangerous levels of secondhand smoke at work every day. Everyone in Fort Worth has the right to breathe smokefree air - no matter where they work.

The Facts

100% Smokefree Workplace Policies Are The Only Effective Way to Eliminate Secondhand Smoke

More than 80 other Texas communities have local ordinances to protect people from secondhand smoke.

Now it’s time for Fort Worth to step up and provide a healthy workforce and livable community, without allowing toxic secondhand smoke in hospitality venues and other workplaces.

Fort Worth residents deserve to breathe smokefree air in workplaces and public places.

You Can Help

If you are a resident or visitor in Fort Worth or have a connection to the city (family, etc.), your voice matters.