Tell the House Health and Welfare Committee You Want Smokefree Air

Support House Bill 881


With recent smokefree successes in New Orleans, Lafayette, and East Baton Rouge Parish, there is a buzz across the state for a smokefree law that covers all workers, including those in bar and gaming facilities.

In 2007, The Louisiana Smokefree Air Act of 2007, was passed making most of Louisiana's workplaces smokefree, but not bar and gaming facilities.  Eleven years have passed and thousands of Louisianans are still waiting for equal protections from secondhand smoke exposure in their workplaces. 

Lawmakers now have the chance to close the gap across the state by supporting House Bill 881 sponsored by Representatives Dustin Miller and Julie Stokes. The bill will ensure that thousands of bar and gaming employees, musicians, and other entertainers will be able to earn a living in healthy, smokefree environments. 

The bill made its first stop in the House Health and Welfare Committee on Thursday, April 12. Although the committee hearing was dominated by passionate testimony from smokefree advocates, the bill was temporarily road locked after typical back room lobbying from the casino industry.  The good news is that the bill is still alive and advocates hope to see it back on the committee agenda very soon.

In the meanwhile, committee members need to hear from ALL of you.  They need to know that the public health community will not accept anything less than a strong statewide bill that protects all workers from secondhand smoke exposure.


Let the House Health and Welfare Committee members know that Louisianans are ready to go smokefree! It's time to protect all workers and the public from secondhand smoke. 

Follow this link to send an email to a member of the House Health and Welfare Committee: