Smoking in AC Casinos is "On Life Support," Could Be Gone Within Weeks

"We’re Talking Weeks, If Not Months, Smoking in Atlantic City Casinos is Just Gonna be Done. Completely Gone."

January 13, 2022


Atlantic City, NJ – The fight to make Atlantic City casinos smokefree indoors to protect workers from dangerous secondhand smoke is reaching a critical stage as a new legislative session begins in New Jersey this week.

The Press of Atlantic City reported on six state senators re-introducing bipartisan legislation to close the casino smoking loophole yesterday. The paper quoted Senator Vince Polistina, who represents Atlantic City and thousands of casino workers, saying that "the legislation could come up for a vote within the next month or two."

Additionally, reporter David Danzis of Play NJ, who has covered the Atlantic City gaming industry for years, said on a radio show this morning that "smoking in casinos is on life support...we’re talking weeks if not months, smoking in Atlantic City casinos is just gonna be done. Completely gone.” Here's his full quote, which you can also listen to here at around the 9:15 mark:

“Smoking in casinos is on life support. Just yesterday, the new session of the legislature was sworn in, and almost immediately, and this is more a formality, you know a lot of bills get reintroduced that didn’t get passed in the prior session. As many of us expected, the bill to ban the indoor smoking loophole for casinos, that bill was reintroduced, and it has local support. State Senator Vince Polistina is one of the co-sponsors of that bill. I fully expect that to be one of the first pieces of action that the state legislature takes up in this legislative session. And I wouldn’t be surprised if, you know, we’re talking weeks if not months, smoking in Atlantic City casinos is just gonna be done. Completely gone.”

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