New AGA Report Shows Smokefree Casinos Increasing Revenue

Data counter industry fears that smokefree policies lead to decreased revenue

November 16, 2020


Bronson Frick, director of advocacy of Americans Nonsmokers’ Rights, released the following statement after an American Gaming Association report released today shows smokefree casinos in Arkansas, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and South Dakota have experienced year-over-year revenue increases:

“AGA’s report shows that casinos with smokefree policies have experienced year-over-year revenue increases or remained relatively stable, a remarkable feat given unprecedented capacity restrictions due to COVID-19. Most importantly, casinos with 100% smokefree policies, such as in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, have kept nearly all of their employees COVID-free.

“It makes no sense to allow guests to remove their mask and blow secondhand smoke along with droplets carrying a potentially life-threatening disease into shared indoor air. We urge gaming operators everywhere to adopt 100% smokefree indoor policies to protect the health of their employees and guests, nearly 75% of whom prefer smokefree casinos.”

More and more casinos nationwide are going smokefree. At least 135 sovereign Tribal gaming venues have implemented 100% smokefree policies during COVID-19, and today, nearly 1,000 gaming properties do not permit smoking indoors.