Atlantic City Casinos Bail on Smoking Discussion at Last Minute

Industry Couldn’t Find a Replacement to Publicly Discuss Smokefree Casino Policies, Prompting East Coast Gaming Congress to Cancel Panel

Discussion of Timely Issue was Set for Sept. 22 After Governor Murphy’s Keynote Address

September 13, 2022

Atlantic City, NJ – The head of the Casino Association of New Jersey (CANJ) has abruptly backed out of participating in a public forum on indoor smoking at the East Coast Gaming Congress (ECGC) on September 22, prompting conference organizers to cancel the panel. CANJ’s Mark Giannantonio was set to participate with Eric Hausler, CEO of Greenwood Racing (PARX Casino) and Cynthia Hallett, president and CEO of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights (ANR) at 2:55pm next Thursday. The industry’s two biggest annual gatherings, ECGC and Global Gaming Expo (G2E) – which takes place next month in Las Vegas – will both lack any discussion of ending indoor smoking, a curious decision as many in the industry embrace smokefree indoor air policies across the country. 

Statement from Cynthia Hallett, president and CEO, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights:

“It’s remarkably telling that Atlantic City casinos couldn’t find one person to publicly defend their position in favor of indoor smoking. Instead of engaging in a serious, fact-based discussion about indoor smoking, casino executives are avoiding the issue. They know that they cannot win on the facts – even their economic arguments have been thoroughly rebutted – so they are avoiding a public discussion. 

“It’s also illogical that conference organizers chose to cancel the panel because they couldn’t find someone to defend indoor smoking. They would never have canceled a forum on responsible gaming because they couldn’t find an opposing voice, or on sports betting because they couldn’t find panelists who oppose expansion.

“The hypocrisy of some in the industry on this issue has never been clearer. A few months ago, Hard Rock Chairman Jim Allen said ‘success means being better listeners to employees.’ Casino workers have literally been marching in the streets to end indoor smoking and protect their health at their workplace, yet casino executives are deaf to workers' pleas. And now they’re trying to stifle any discussion of the issue. 

“If the Casino Association of New Jersey thinks their backpedaling on this discussion will make the issue go away, they are wrong. We are disappointed that this conversation will be missing from the formal conference program, but rest assured – the presence of casino workers who have been fighting for their health will be felt next week.”

With lawmakers returning to Trenton this month, casino workers and advocates for smokefree casinos are making clear that no worker should be subjected to breathing secondhand smoke. A2151 and S264, bills to close the casino smoking loophole and get rid of smoking inside Atlantic City casinos have earned extraordinary bipartisan support in both chambers of the state house. The legislation is cosponsored by more than half of the legislature, including the entire Atlantic City delegation, a majority of the Assembly and Senate health committees, and a majority of South Jersey Assembly Democrats. 

The United Auto Workers (UAW), the union representing Atlantic City casino dealers, urged legislative leaders to advance bills to close the smoking loophole. UFCW Local 152, which represents 16,000 retail, manufacturing and healthcare workers in South Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware, also announced their support for eliminating the casino smoking loophole. A recent report by Las Vegas-based C3 Gaming found that casinos without indoor smoking outperform their smoking counterparts, and that Atlantic City would not lose gamblers to the handful of remaining eastern Pennsylvania casinos that allow indoor smoking. 

This month, as the gaming industry recognizes Responsible Gaming Education Month, the leading organization dealing with gambling addiction is warning legislators that continuing to allow indoor smoking at Atlantic City casinos will only continue to encourage gambling addiction, but that passing bipartisan bills, S264 and A2151, to close the casino smoking loophole would help to address this concern.

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