Steps to Go Smokefree: Recommendations for Public Housing Agencies

Learn actions that PHAs can take to implement a smokefree policy.

Implementing HUD's Smoke-Free Policy in Public Housing

HUD's guidebook is an essential resource for adopting and enforcing a smokefree policy.

The Benefits of Smokefree Buildings

Learn why having a smokefree building is the smart choice for property owners and managers.

Secondhand Smoke in Multi-Unit Housing

This colorful infographic gives residents and housing providers an overview about secondhand smoke in MUH and why buildings should go smokefree.

The Smoker Next Door

A tip sheet on how to deal with having a smoker living next door to  you in multi-unit housing.

HUD Smokefree Public Housing Resources

Get many different resources from HUD on implementing smokefree public housing.

Summary of 100% Smokefree State Laws and Population Protected by 100% U.S. Smokefree Laws

Curious about what percentage of the U.S. population is covered by a smokefree law? Our sister organization, the ANR Foundation, has created this list to help you learn more.

Overview List – How Many Smokefree Laws?

Our sister organization, the ANR Foundation, creates quarterly lists and maps of smokefree laws in the United States. This list provides a broad overview of local and state smokefree laws and their provisions.

Smokefree Comment Card

Did secondhand smoke impact your visit to a casino complex? Let management know you expect smokefree air…

Interview with Cynthia Hallett, ANR President and CEO

With statistics that show tobacco smoking is losing popularity among the younger generations...