Smokefree Tribal Casinos

This four-page document provides information for tribal casinos seeking to implement a smokefree policy.


Going Smokefree Matters

Explore the Going Smokefree Matters - Casinos Infographic which outlines key facts related to the effects of secondhand smoke exposure in casinos.

Model public housing smokefree policy language

PHAs can use this language to adopt a smokefree policy that meets and exceeds HUD’s requirements.

Talking with Residents about Your Building's Smokefree Policy

Learn tips for talking with residents about going smokefree and addressing common concerns.

Enforcement Tips for Building Managers and Maintenance Staff

Get recommendations for achieve compliance with a smokefree policy at your properties.

Frequently Asked Questions about Smokefree Buildings

Are you a property manager who has questions about going smokefree? Learn more here!

Model Smokefree Lease Addendum

Property owners and managers can use this sample lease addendum to help implement a smokefree policy in multi-unit buildings.

U.S. Laws and Policies Restricting or Prohibiting Smoking in Private Units of Multi-Unit Housing

The ANR Foundation, our sister organization, has a list of U.S. Laws and Policies Restricting or Prohibiting Smoking in Private Units of Multi-Unit Housing.


Smokefree Casinos Fact Sheet

Get the Facts. Read the Smokefree Casinos fact sheet from Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights (ANR).

Secondhand Smoke and Gaming Facilities

This Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights fact sheet provides information on the health hazards of secondhand smoke exposure; information on ventilation claims; patron support for smokefree casinos; and more!