Ambulance Rates Plummet When Casinos Go Smokefree

A study from the University of California, San Francisco serves as a wake up call to policy makers.

Secondhand Smoke and Gaming Facilities

This Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights fact sheet provides information on the health hazards of secondhand smoke exposure; information on ventilation claims; patron support for smokefree casinos; and more!

Smokefree Comment Card

Did secondhand smoke impact your visit to a casino complex? Let management know you expect smokefree air…

Secondhand smoke Causes death and disease in casino workers and patrons.

ANR Statement on Implementation of HUD Smokefree Rule

ANR recognizes HUD’s landmark decision to improve health and safety by requiring smokefree public housing.

Interview with Cynthia Hallett, ANR President and CEO

With statistics that show tobacco smoking is losing popularity among the younger generations...


Casino HVAC Systems Don’t Buy the Ventilation Lie

Casino HVAC Systems Don’t Buy the Ventilation Lie...

Smokefree Air and the Future of the Gaming Industry

In the gaming industry, it’s said that change is the only constant. Casinos continually innovate and reinvent, leveraging...

Responsible Gaming: A Safer Place to Play and Work

Responsible Gaming is based on the principle to ensure a fair and safe gaming experience that protects players from the adverse consequences...


Secondhand Smoke and Casino Dealers

Post from the NIOSH Science Blog on the health hazards of working in a smoke-filled casino.